What we do

We run tailored programmes using a practical approach which is relevant to primary and community care which enable professionals to enhance their leadership skills.

These five-day programmes are run over a similar number of months covering skills such as emotional intelligence, team working, quality improvement and coaching as well as allowing time for reflection and feedback by the participants. Each programme is run flexibly to permit the development of the participants as required as well as embedding the discussion within the area the professionals are located. The key to the success of the programme is the time and space between each session to allow the participants to apply their learning to their workplace.

These programmes have been well evaluated with many participants going onto leadership roles within their locality.

‘Now I am a role model;  I now have better empathy with my staff’ – Buckinghamshire programme

“The programme has enabled me to see the joy in other people; it has been good to meet away from the office and develop our networking and Whatsapp group” – Berkshire West programme

The Primary Care Leadership Programme was an outstanding course which exceeded my expectations. I particularly liked the right balance between the theory and group discussions/activity which catered for all learning styles as well as allow time for reflection. The course material was really interesting and well presented. I enjoyed listening and sharing on other participants challenges and networking. The course is also spaced out nicely which allows time for reflection on how to embed the principles into daily work practice, as well as put me into leadership journey after the course. The facilitator was excellent. I can highly recommend this course.” – Wajid Qureshi, Lead Prescribing Advisor, Newham Health Collaborative